You and your company may not care about what I have to say; however, I pray that you will listen with your heart and not to the reasoning of this depraved world, in which we find ourselves. I have always taken for granted that there is a higher power over mankind, that the Bible is the Word of God, and that we are created beings; so, in hunger for truth and light, I set out in my personal search for God.

I found Him! He is real! When I read Jesus words saying, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.", I knew in my heart it was the truth!

[John 14:6] Then, Jesus told us [John 3:3 and John 3:7] "You must be born again", in order to enter the kingdom of God. I accepted His words, repented of doing things my way, and ask Jesus to come live in my heart. My soul was saved that day, for eternity! I have been changed.

The difference between a 'born-again believer in Christ' and the rest of the world is that a believer sees things through God's eyes. We recognize evil when we see it. We can distinguish 'good' from 'evil'. God teaches us to abstain from evil and to allow His Holy Spirit to lead us in the way that is right.

A 'born-again believer' / 'Christian' wishes to please God; thus, we look for entertainment that glorifies God. This fact gives Hallmark an opening to meet a need in all the world. You can meet a need in the Christian home for clean entertainment, and also, an opportunity to be a witness to the lost individual who is wandering around in the darkness. You once portrayed Christmas as the Holy holiday that it is, with families singing carols and going to church services, now it is just a time for family, gifts, drinking and partying.

Once people dressed respectably in your movies, now you have the women in very seductive, revealing clothing. Once you respected marriage as the Holy institution that God ordained it to be, between one man and one woman. Now you have placed yourself in God's place, as the creator, and created an unholy institution between men and women of like sex. God warns us to make NO PLACE for sin; homo-sexuality is a SIN according to God's Holy Word.

You are in a very dangerous place with God. Please reconsider your stand with homo-sexuality and trans-genders. These things are a choice and not a birth-right. God does not go against His word!

God warns us against wallowing around in *** of the flesh. We have all sinned at some point in our life; but, God beckons to us to come out of our sin and to be made new and free in His forgiveness and cleansing. I am praying that you 'all' at Hallmark will heed Jesus' plea, "Come unto Me".

Love in Christ Jesus. Lena Guillot

User's recommendation: Stop watching Hallmark movies until they choose God's way over the way of the world.

Location: Pleasanton, Texas

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God also said we are all created in his image! Correct?!!

Love is love and really good love & happiness enough to get married is hard to find, especially these days. So god loves all his creations.

So what gives you the right to say someone doesn't DESERVE LOVE just because it doesn't fit into your cookie cutter version of love?!!! Try reading the Bible the right way and quit twisting it to fit your views on life.


As an atheist I agree with you about love. If a personal god brings you a connection and happiness that's all well and good.

But when people use their god to denigrate others who have tremendous love for another person because of one's sex, then that's where their god, their religions, and ideologies become hopelessly convoluted. Love IS love.

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